Fausto Fontemaggi the founder of the Cuckoo's Nest stores in Cattolica and later New order in Riccione was born in Cattolica on 6/2/1956.
The story begins in Cattolica with the opening of Cuckoo's Nest in 1977, a shop that initially dealt with used clothing aimed at a very young audience, furnished entirely using furniture and fittings that belonged to the famous Baia degli Angeli nightclub, donated by Giancarlo Tirotti, founder and owner, the psychedelic lights, loud music and whimsical clothing made him an icon for young people dedicated to the world of disco.
A few years later in 1980 Marzia Fraternale and Alex Cevoli joined the company and the shop underwent a transformation passing from the typical freak / vintage clothing to clothing belonging to the English new wave trends, with a mood mainly linked to punk, rock and dark culture.
In the first months of 1983 the founder Fausto and the partners Alex and Marzia sold the business to Lampani Riccardo, known as Bakabomb, and took different paths. In October 1983, Fausto Fontemaggi thus founded the New Order store (a not accidental name), located in Riccione in via Ceccarini 107 and subsequently in the current location of via Ceccarini 111.
The offer of clothing, shoes and accessories of the New Order is part of a research that has its roots in the London market, pioneers of fashion linked to musical styles, in fact immediately the shop becomes a meeting point for all young people, a mecca formed by various cultures, from punk to disco, from skin heads to English mods, a place where every person belonging to a different musical genre expressed their identity through clothing.
The video system that reproduced exclusive live music concerts from the London market, the console available to DJs, even of international fame, made a simple purchase an unprecedented experience, where a synergy of music, art and clothes inspired and invited to express yourself through your look.
Today times have changed, and even the shop has changed according to the needs of the young people who frequent it, the proposal and the selected brands ensure that it remains a point of reference, with a wide choice of companies and products deriving from various parts. around the world with the aim of satisfying the tastes of the most innovative and demanding customers.
Since 2015, a new multifunctional exhibition area has been acquired adjacent to the main store, with a recreational area inside where you can listen to music or simply chat and a bar available to customers.
The cuckoo's nest before and even more the New Order after, have left a strong mark in the memory of customers who still return today, some with their children, some with a few more years to visit that eccentric place where the echo of anecdotes of the past resurface among their memories.
The photos you will find in our gallery will surely convey better than these words what the New Order was and what it will be.
"I would like to thank my wife Lara and all the collaborators who have made the New Order great over the years".
To complete the biography of Fausto Fontemaggi's commercial enterprises, in 1985 he opened the Hackett shop in Rimini in via Garibaldi 48 with his friend Amerigo Camorani, in 1995/96 he sold his shares to the partner and friend Amerigo who still continues in business, making it a historic shop on the Rimini square. In 1999, he opened with his collaborator Andrea Bilancioni the Power Point store in via Ceccarini 107 in Riccione, dedicated to urban streetwear, in 2009/10 the two partners Fausto and Andrea decide to sell the business after more than 10 years of success.